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Black Medallion

In 2008, the United States Cavalry & Armor Association introduced the Black Medallion of the Order of Saint George to recognize cavalry and armor junior officers and enlisted Soldiers. The Armor and Cavalry leadership recognized the absence of a Saint George Medallion to acknowledge the warriors, like St George, are in the trenches fighting the fierce battle seeking to deliver a crippling blow to our enemies.  

The Black Medallion is available for well deserving lieutenants, pre-command captains, and junior enlisted Soldiers (SSG and below). The criterion follows 

    • Nominee is a US Cavalry & Armor Association member. 
    • Nominee must demonstrate outstanding leadership, tactical competence, and exceptional teamwork while serving in an ABCT, IBCT, or SBCT.
    • Noominator is an Officer or NCO, a recipient of the Order of Saint George,  a US Cavalry & Armor Association member.
    • Nomination approved by the Squadron or Battalion Commander who is a U.S. Cavalry & Armor Association member.

E-mail a PDF of the nomination packets to the U.S. Cavalry & Armor Association (USCAA) to Britta  at or Trish at The nominator should submit the nomination three to four weeks prior to the expected presentation date. Prior to submission, the nominator should verify memberships.  If a situation arises requiring immediate action contact the Association office by email and voice at (706) 563-5714 to coordinate the processing and overnight shipping of the award(s). If nominator requests the award(s) ship via express mail, FED -Ex or UPS, it is the nominator's responsibility to pay and coordinate pick up of the award(s) at the USCAA's  Columbus, GA office. Due to the high number of awards being lost or delivered to the wrong building number on a CONUS Military installation, the USCAA prefers a residential mailing address. The Association will not be held liable or repalce medallions or products not delievered to a building number on a CONUS Military installation. Once the award(s) are processed,the National Executive Director will send the completed award through the endorsing individual to the person making the nomination, and add the awardee’s name to the distinguished roster of recipients. 


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