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Bronze Medallion

In 1986, the United States Cavalry & Armor Association ICW the U.S. Army Armor and Cavalry leadership launched the Order of Saint George Awards Program. The Bronze Medallion recognizes the top tier of our very best officers and noncommissioned officers serving in company/troop and above leadership and command positions to include noncommissioned officers with the rank of SFC serving as platoon sergeants. Staff Sergeants serving as platoon sergeants are not eligible regardless of having been rated as a PSG. Since the Armor and Scout OSUT TDAs do not have authorized platoon sergeant positions, drill sergeants are not eligible for the Bronze Medallion. Small group instructors, doctrine writers, and other institutional duty positions are not eligible. 

The Bronze Medallion is the unit's chain of command and NCO leadership recognition of a nominee who is one of the very best tankers and cavalrymen they have led in their careers. The criterion follows:   

    • Nominee is a US Cavalry & Armor Association member. 
    • Nominee completed a successful tour leading or commanding AOC/CMF 19 Soldiers in an  ABCT, IBCT or SBCT.  
    • Enlisted CMF 19 or other than CMF 19 series Soldiers who completed a successful tour as platoon sergeant, first sergeant (1SG), or command sergeant major (CSM) of an ABCT, IBCT, or SBCT and have led CMF 19 series Soldiers in one or more of those capacities. 
    • Nominee be a pilot in an Attack, Cavalry or Reconnaissance organizationhaving successfully supported ground armor or cavalry units.  
    • Approved by the Battalion or Squadron Commander who is a member in good standing of the Cavalry & Armor Association. The Executive Director will not grant any exceptions for this requirement. Please do not let your fear of becoming a member prevent a well-deserving trooper from receiving this prestigious award. 

E-mail a PDF of the nomination packets to the U.S. Cavalry & Armor Association via or Nominator's backward planning should include a a three to four week processing time prior to the expected presentation date. If the nominator is in an emergency situation and requires immediate processing contact the Association office via email and voice at (706) 563-5714 to coordinate the processing of the award(s). If nominator requests the award(s) ship via express mail, FED -Ex or UPS, it is the nominator's responsibility to pay and coordinate pick up of the award(s) at the Association's Columbus, GA office. We request a civilian mailing address or a private residence to ship the award(s). We have found there is a high probability of the award(s) being lost in the universe if shipped to a building number on CONUS Military installation. The Association will not be held liable for lost packages mailed to a building number on a CONUS Military installation. Once the award(s) are processed,the National Executive Director will send the completed award through the endorsing individual to the person making the nomination, and add the awardee’s name to the distinguished roster of recipients. 


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