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Noble Patron of Armor

The U.S. Cavalry & Armor Association developed the Noble Patron of Armor to recognize OTA Soldiers, DA Civilians, individuals, family members and other Armor and Cavalry supporters not eligible for Order of St.George awards, who have significantly contributed to the organization's operational success, Trooper morale and welfare and the organization. The Association acknowledges that many other soldiers and civilians in the support role work diligently to guarantee mission accomplishment. It is in the tradition of the NOBLE PATRON -- a tradition of companionship and service alongside the mounted warrior -- that the U.S. Cavalry & Armor Association presents this award.

 NOBLE PATRON OF ARMOR eligibility requires one to meet one of the following criteria. 

    • Officers and Non-Commissioned officers who are not eligable for the Order of St. George awards.
    • Foreign officers and noncommissioned officers working directly with U.S. Army organizations
      in support of armor, cavalry, reconnaisance missions. 
    • Officers and noncommissioned officers of other branches of service who work directly with U.S. Army organizations in support of armor, cavalry or reconnaissance missions.
    • DOD Civilian employees working directly with the U.S. Army organizations in support of armor, cavalry or reconnaissance units. 
    • Civilian community members who embrace the Army values and demonstrate consistent support of U.S. Army or Marine armor, cavalry, reconnaissance organizations. 
    • Nominees and nominators must meet the following criterion. 
      • Nominee does not have to be an Association member.
      • Nominator must be an Association member in good standing. 
      • Approving authority is the first O5/LTC/LCol or higher in the chain of command.

E-mail a PDF of the nomination packets to the U.S. Cavalry & Armor Association via or Nominator's backward planning should include a a three to four week processing time prior to the expected presentation date. If the nominator is in an emergency situation and requires immediate processing contact the Association office via email and voice at (706) 563-5714 to coordinate the processing of the award(s). If nominator requests the award(s) ship via express mail, FED -Ex or UP, it is the nominator's responsibility to pay and coordinate pick up of the award(s) at the Association's Columbus, GA office. We request a civilian mailing address or a private residence to ship the award(s). We have found there is a high probability of the award(s) being lost in the universe if shipped to a building number on CONUS Military installation. The Association will not be held liable for lost packages mailed to a building number on a CONUS Military installation. Once the award(s) are processed,the National Executive Director will send the completed award through the endorsing individual to the person making the nomination, and add the awardee’s name to the distinguished roster of recipients. 


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